Open approaches to OER impact research

Slides for my presentation tomorrow at the 8th Grace EDEN workshop.


OCWC 2014 Recording Available

The video recording from my research presentation at OCWC 2014 is now available at  It’s not possible to embed here but they have a nice player on their site.

This presentation gives an overview of the OER Research Hub project, some of the methodological and epistemological issues we encounter, and how we propose to ameliorate these through the technologies we use to investigate key questions facing the OER movement.

OER Impact: Collaboration, Evidence, Synthesis
Robert Farrow

JiME Reviews Feb 2012

We currently have the following books available for review at the Journal of Interactive Media in Technology.  Please forward these details to anyone who might be interested in being a reviewer for us.  If you’d like to nominate yourself as a reviewer, please email rob.farrow [at] or tweet philosopher1978.

Dede, Chris and Richards, John (eds.) (2012). Digital Teaching Platforms: Customizing Classroom Learning for Each Student. The Teachers College Press, Columbia University: New York. 224+vi pp.  (see

McDonald, J. P., Mannheimer Zydney, J., Dichter, A., and McDonald, E. C. (2012).  Going Online with Protocols: New Tools for Teaching & Learning.  The Teachers College Press, Columbia University: New York. 128+xi pp. (see

Goh, T.-T., Seet, B.-C., and Sun, P.-C. (2012).  E-Books & E-Readers for E-Learning.  Victoria Business School, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand.  Available from

Information about house style may be found at

Scoop.It Activity!

My Scoop.It activity has gone through the roof in the last 48 hours. I would normally expect maybe half a dozen rescoops in a week and I’ve had forty in the last two days. Here are just the email notifications from this morning…

Scoop.It Notifications

Scoop.It Notifications

The posts which seem to be getting the most attention are 50 top sources of free elearning courses and Transformative or just flashy educational tools? Between them, they perhaps sum up the interest and ambivalence that surrounds online education…

Recording: Cambridge 2012

More media now online… you can watch the presentation that myself and Patrick McAndrew gave at Cambridge 2012: Innovation and Impact – Openly Collaborating to Enhance Education back in April at

Recording: Madrid 2012

Video recordings from the 6th International Conference on the Philosophy of Computer Games: The Nature of Player Experience, on the January 29, 30 and 31, 2012 in Madrid are now online at  My presentation can be found at