#opened16 live blog: College Affordability and Social Justice

Preston Davis (aka @LazyPhilosopher) invites us to think about the early days of Western civilisation where philosophers like Plato and Aristotle formed educational institutions on the basis of their own privilege.  This kind of system persisted into Roman times, where males with the ability to pay could attend organised schools where they would learn to […]

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Why Ethics?

We had a few technical difficulties today, but for those who have been kept in suspense here are the slides I prepared.  This presentation is a short introduction to philosophical ethics in a research context.

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FRRIICT: Oxford Workshop

Framework for Responsible Research & Innovation in ICT (FRIICT) is an ESRC research project led by Marina Jirotka from the University of Oxford and Bernd Stahl from De Montfort University.  Last month I attended their inaugural workshop, entitled “Identifying and addressing ethical issues in technology-related social research”. The overall aim of the project is to: […]

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H808 Professional Values (7.1)

CMALT stands for Certified Membership of the Association for Learning Technology .  “CMALT is a portfolio-based professional accreditation scheme developed by ALT to enable people whose work involves learning technology to: have their experience and capabilities certified by peers; demonstrate that they are taking a committed and serious approach to their professional development.” The CMALT […]

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