Flipping Philosophy

Last week I went to the 6th International Conference in Critical Theory, based at The John Felice Rome Center of Loyola University Chicago in Rome.  I got some useful stuff out my my presentation, both in terms of some headspace to work on the essence of what I wanted to say in some of my […]

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OER and Collective Intelligence

Here is a copy of the slides from the presentation given at OpenOpen earlier today by myself and Anna De Liddo. The title of the talk was “Building and Communicating Evidence of Effectiveness in OER through Collective Intelligence” and relates to our work on the OLnet project and the OER Evidence Hub. View more presentations […]

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OER as Educational Philosophy

Here are the slides from my presentation to the Computers and Learning Research Group.  My basic argument can be summarised as follows Discourse about Open Educational Resources (OERs) has reached a point of maturity and needs to be (at least) supplemented with explicit focus on Open Educational Practices (OEPs) Focus on OEPs weakens the link […]

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Open Access in Argentina

In this interview, Dr. Colman-Lerner (Faculty of Engineering, University of La Plata, Argentina) suggests that awareness of OER is largely limited to higher education researchers who are also currently teaching.  He suggests that scientific journals are facing a subscription crisis which could be ameliorated by an open access publishing model.

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OER Blogs

A number of OER blogs are aggregated at http://oerblogs.org/.  They are divided up into RSS feeds according to subject:  Open Educational Resources (OER), Open Course Ware (OCW), Intellectual Property and the Open Access Movement.

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Copyright tips for bloggers

Five easy rules for bloggers To avoid being accused of stealing someone else’s content, follow these simple rules: 1. You may not use a work simply because it does not have a copyright notice The mere absence of a copyright notice (which is not a requirement) does not mean that there is no protection. Published […]

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