Selection of Webinars

Live from OE Global F2F Nantes, France (May 2022)

ENCORE+ Innovation Circle 1 (Sep 2021)

GO-GN Conceptual Frameworks Launch (Sep 2021)

GOGN Research Review (Sep 2020)

Research Methods in Open Education (March 2020)

‘The Open Research Agenda’ (June 2016)

Open Research: Dissemination and Reflection‘. School of Open/P2Pu (Sep 2015) (with Bea de los Arcos)

Open Research‘. School of Open/P2Pu (Sep 2015) (with Beck Pitt)

Ethics in the Open‘. School of Open / P2Pu (Sep 2014) (with Beck Pitt)

Open Research‘. School of Open / P2Pu (Sep 2014) (with Beck Pitt)

OER Impact Research: Faculty and Student Voices‘. Community College Consortium for OER (CCCOER) Webinar. (Apr 2014)

Policies: the cause or effect of open education?‘. OER Research Hub Webinar (Oct 2013) (with Sara Frank Bristow)

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