Data Maps: The Next Level

An interesting post by Young Hahn on map hacking has given me some food for thought with respect to the redesign of the OER Evidence Hub.  This article led me to another, Take Control of Your Maps by Paul Smith. If I was a better programmer I could probably put some of the ideas to work […]

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Data Visualization for Humanities

Here are my notes from today’s OU seminar which offers a survey of major online humanities datasets and some of the tools available for visualising them. Speakers: Dr Elton Barker (Classical Studies Department, The Open University, and Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, Freie Universität Berlin) Ms Mia Ridge (PhD student, The Open University, and Chair of […]

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Data Visualization Tools

There’s a nice list of data visualization tools available on netmagazine.  I think it would be really interesting to experiment with a few of these in the context of the redevelopment of the OLnet Evidence Hub in the OER Hub project. Modest Maps could be used instead of Google Maps to provide geolocation for organisations, […]

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OER Hub Visualisations

Just a first pass at creating infographic-style slides for a forthcoming report.  There were created with using data from the OLnet OER Evidence Hub.   One is still missing at the moment… I’m interested in any feedback!

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Visualizing Philosophy

Partly stemming from my recent exploration of OER visualization, I’ve started to take more of an interest in ways that philosophical ideas have been expressed visually.  Now, obviously many artworks are themselves the expression of philosophical or religious sentiment, and I’m not so focused on there (valuable as they are).  Rather, it’s the attempt to […]

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Tools for Data Visualization

I’ve been looking into different online visualization tools with a view to using the data collected by the OLnet project.  (I’m also building up an inspiration gallery on Pinterest.)  Here’s a provisional list with a few comments of my own.  I’m not really going to look at word clouds (e.g. Wordle) as they’re a bit […]

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