Irons in the Fire

The blog has definitely felt a bit neglected of late.  This is partly because I’ve been quite busy over the summer and blog updates are usually the first thing to go when you have a lot of writing on.  But I’ve been posting at OER Hub and OER World Map, so it hasn’t been a complete […]

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JiME Reviews Feb 2012

We currently have the following books available for review at the Journal of Interactive Media in Technology.  Please forward these details to anyone who might be interested in being a reviewer for us.  If you’d like to nominate yourself as a reviewer, please email rob.farrow [at] or tweet philosopher1978. Dede, Chris and Richards, John […]

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Design Update

This site now has a swanky new header courtesy of David Smith at 49th Floor Design who are good chaps and great designers to boot.  Thanks to Dave, who I can see from my Spotify feed is currently listening to Manowar like a true non-conformist!  By Moonlight! We Ride!

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