OER Hub Visualisations

Just a first pass at creating infographic-style slides for a forthcoming report.  There were created with easel.ly using data from the OLnet OER Evidence Hub.   One is still missing at the moment… I’m interested in any feedback!

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The Ampersand

via Web Designer Depot. I don’t know exactly when it was that I first understood what the ampersand was called, but it was probably later than it should have been.  Not that it matters much, since we all use the ampersand in a very intuitive way.  It’s largely interchangable with ‘and’ that’s how most people […]

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Enlightened Trial and Error

Bjoern Hartmann, of the Stanford HCI Group, gives an overview of different prototyping tools he has built with collaborators to address two research questions. First, how can tools enable a wider range of designers to create functional prototypes of ubiquitous computing interfaces? Second, how can design tools support the larger process of learning from these […]

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