11 years of Open Education with David Kernohan

Here at Open Education 2015 David Kernohan is drawing on his experience of attending many years of this conference to review the Open Education conferences (what happened, what resulted, etc.).

He captured 11 years of presentation titles and tagged them against ten categories, plotting each tag as a percentage of papers in each year.   These were then compared with data found in other sources.  The data is available from tiny.cc/openedarchive and experimenting with this is encouraged.

  • The number of attendees and sessions has grown steadily each year with more than 500 attendees in 2015.
  • Interest in sustainability peaked in 2010 – since then there has been less dependency on large grants
  • Conversely in 2010 there was a drop in interest in pedagogy
  • Policy is currently an area of particular interest; this can be understood in the context of some real progress under the Obama administration
  • Open education is a diverse interdisciplinary field, nuanced and multifaceted
  • We can draw parallels to wider culture; but also ways in which open education has influenced wider culture
  • We need to be better at building on existing work and better at archiving what has gone before and making it available openly


  • I asked about the relation between what was proposed for the conference and what was actually selected for presentation
  • Another question on a related note focused on the fact that particular tracks were available for particular conferences and this may have influenced submissions
  • David Wiley suspects that early conferences were dominated by reuse while later ones were more focused on adoption

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