Launching the Open Education Handbook

This morning I am taking part in a hangout to launch The Open Education Handbook, a collaboratively written document published by Open Knowledge Foundation for which I acted as the editor for the most recent edition. Lots of people were involved in putting together the manual, both directly (in book ‘sprints’ and through a working […]

Workshop Notes: #Ethics and #LearningAnalytics

This morning I’m attending a talk given by Sharon Slade about the ethical dimensions of learning analytics (LA), part of a larger workshop devoted to LA at The Open University’s library on the Walton Hall campus. I was a bit late from a previous meeting but Sharon’s slides are pretty clear so I’m just going to […]

Why is Openness such a Closed Subject?

Interesting thoughts from Adam Heidebrink-Bruno on the purported neutrality as a value base and movement within education. I have heard many times from people in these circles that there is something non-ideological behind openness; of course like any good critic of ideology I would note that this probably involves some level of self-deception (or at […]