Social Pathology & Postmetaphysical Thinking

My slides from today’s presentation…

Published by Rob Farrow

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  1. Some notes following presentation:

    1. One way to defend the idea of natural judgement which may be quite relevant is Michael Thompson’s work on the apprehension of human forms…

    2. Critical realists might be quite amenable to the line taken on the need to be realists about social pathology.

    3. Are there ways to making sense of the notion of pathology which are non-teleological? I suspect not, although it may be worth looking into. The only way that comes to mind is through the idea of deviance – as in c.19th sociology – although this is a road we definitely do not want to go down…

    4. Some sociologists (e.g. Canguilhem) would point to the emergence of the category of pathology as a recent invention. Does this matter?


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