Reading: Open Education

I’ve been meaning to spend a bit of time trying to better understand the open education movement of the 1970s and how it relates to contemporary developments in academia.  A useful summary of some key texts is over at but I’ve copied the bibliographic details here just in case it goes down or I […]

Language Games

I’ve just filed my copy for a review of Martin Weller‘s book, The Digital Scholar: How Technology is Changing Academic Practice (which, incidentally you can buy online but if I was you I would just grab the free version online because there’s less chance of that getting wet and ultimately crispy like my copy did). […]

Data Maps: The Next Level

An interesting post by Young Hahn on map hacking has given me some food for thought with respect to the redesign of the OER Evidence Hub.  This article led me to another, Take Control of Your Maps by Paul Smith. If I was a better programmer I could probably put some of the ideas to work […]

Revisiting Critical Theory

The full line-up for the 6th International Critical Theory Conference of Rome has now been announced and I see a few familiar names on there from my time at Essex when critical theory was my full-time gig.  As the main international conference in this field it would have been great for me to go while […]