Month: October 2012

#opened12 Reading Group – sign up here!

Following on from discussions around #opened12 and David Kernohan’s suggestion of a parrallel between Newman‘s approach to education and theories of Bildung, I’ve a mind to see whether there’s interest in a virtual reading group. We could start with The Idea of a University.

Some people have already expressed an interest on Twitter…

Jonathan Shaw (@time_motion)
John Robertson (@kavubob)
Chris Lott (@lottruminates)

If you’re also interested, add your details to the comments below and I’ll get back to you all with some sort of plan!

Other things we could read that have been mentioned to me over the last couple of days…

Bateson: ‘Steps to an Ecology of Mind
Orlikowski: ‘Improvising Organizational Transformation over Time:
A Situated Change Perspective


My #opened12 slides

Here are my slides for today’s presentation.  You can listen to the live audio at

Scoop.It Activity!

My Scoop.It activity has gone through the roof in the last 48 hours. I would normally expect maybe half a dozen rescoops in a week and I’ve had forty in the last two days. Here are just the email notifications from this morning…

Scoop.It Notifications

Scoop.It Notifications

The posts which seem to be getting the most attention are 50 top sources of free elearning courses and Transformative or just flashy educational tools? Between them, they perhaps sum up the interest and ambivalence that surrounds online education…