Hornsey: research & self-consciousness

‎What do you do with a quote when you’re not sure what else to do with it?  Stick it on your blog, of course… there’s an interesting parallel to the Friere/Fromm quote here and also some overlap the forthcoming paper on OER and Bildung that I am writing with Markus Deimann.  Thanks to Matthew Bowman for drawing it to my attention.

“We regard it as absolutely basic that research should be an organic part of art and design education. No system devoted to the fostering of creativity can function properly unless original work and thought are constantly going on within it, unless it remains on an opening frontier of development. As well as being on general problems of art and design (techniques, aesthetics, history, etc), such research activity must also deal with the educational process itself . . . It must be the critical self-consciousness of the system . . . Nothing condemns the old regime more radically than the minor, precarious part research played in it. It is intolerable that research should be seen as a luxury, or a rare privilege.”

Students and Staff of Hornsey College of Art (eds.), The Hornsey Affair (Harmondworth: Penguin, 1969), pp. 38-39.

For a bit of context, see What happened at Hornsey in May 1968.


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