Visualizing Philosophy

Partly stemming from my recent exploration of OER visualization, I’ve started to take more of an interest in ways that philosophical ideas have been expressed visually.  Now, obviously many artworks are themselves the expression of philosophical or religious sentiment, and I’m not so focused on there (valuable as they are).  Rather, it’s the attempt to faithfully represent the structure of an argument, a text, or a genealogy in a way that is compelling and clear.  I have a sense that when done well these could be very effective pedagogical aids, and I’m currently looking at ways in which software originally developed for those with special educational needs might be adapted for general use in teaching philosophy (especially over distance).  You can have a look at my growing collection of philosophical visualizations on Pinterest.  (Thanks to all those who responded to my request on Philos-L.)

'Determinism' by Genís Carreras


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