Philosophising about Education

A couple of weeks ago I attended the ‘What’s the use of philosophy of education?’ workshop at Liverpool Hope University.  The audio of my presentation can be found here and the slides on a recent blog entry.   I was presenting the research paper which myself and Markus Deimann are working on the moment.  Presentation […]

Tools for Data Visualization

I’ve been looking into different online visualization tools with a view to using the data collected by the OLnet project.  (I’m also building up an inspiration gallery on Pinterest.)  Here’s a provisional list with a few comments of my own.  I’m not really going to look at word clouds (e.g. Wordle) as they’re a bit […]

FRRIICT: Oxford Workshop

Framework for Responsible Research & Innovation in ICT (FRIICT) is an ESRC research project led by Marina Jirotka from the University of Oxford and Bernd Stahl from De Montfort University.  Last month I attended their inaugural workshop, entitled “Identifying and addressing ethical issues in technology-related social research”. The overall aim of the project is to: […]