Visualizing Digital Scholarship

These are the slides I’ll be using for my presentation at Visual Learning – Development, Discovery and Design at the Visual Learning Lab, Budapest University of Technology and Economics later this week… assuming, that is, that I will be able to get there with the UK borders staff on strike :s Reflecting on digital scholarship […]

Three interesting Calls for Papers

Good calls for papers are kind of like buses:  they tend to show up in groups.  Three caught my eye this week… here’s hoping that I can find the time to get around to all of them! 1. Critique, Democracy, and Philosophy in 21st Century Information Society: Towards Critical Theories of Social Media The conference […]

I lost my Open Ed virginity

I was fortunate enough to attend the annual Open Ed conference last week, and there was much food for thought.  I live-blogged as many of the sessions as I could in Cloudworks and there’s a video archive of the presentations available on YouTube.  The event certainly gave me quite a lot of ground for reflection […]

Thoughts on Connectivism as Theory

I’ve just been looking at Beware critics of Connectivism ! Or how I feel connectivism opens up content creation and access by @Ignatia Webs.  It’s doing the rounds on Scoop.It and seems quite popular with lots of comment and re-scooping.  But I remain a bit confused about the allure of Connectivism. As a theory, Connectivism […]

OLnet Evidence Hub: A Demo

Here’s my short introduction to the OLnet Evidence Hub.  If you’re at all interested in OER you should get involved.  Registration is currently open. httpv://