Interview with George Siemens

You can see the edited footage of my interview with George Siemens below or on YouTube. httpv:// I interviewed George during his time as a research fellow on the OLnet project, and he has some pretty interesting things to say about open learning, OER and e-learning more generally…

OER as Educational Philosophy

Here are the slides from my presentation to the Computers and Learning Research Group.  My basic argument can be summarised as follows Discourse about Open Educational Resources (OERs) has reached a point of maturity and needs to be (at least) supplemented with explicit focus on Open Educational Practices (OEPs) Focus on OEPs weakens the link […]

Theories of Reflective Learning

Dewey is credited with instigating the modern discourse about reflective learning.  Although Dewey is a prominent philosopher of education, you don’t encounter him much on philosophy course in my experience.  As a progressive thinker who emphasizes the empowering aspects of education, one of the things I’ve been hoping to get out of H808 is a […]

H808: Reflection and Learning (Core Activity 2.4)

I’ll be concentrating here on Jenny Moon’s (2005) Guide for Busy Academics – Learning Through Reflection.  I was certainly appreciate of its short length, and it seemed to deliver the key points in an efficient way.  Moon begins with the commonplace idea of reflection, suggesting that we can think of reflection as either purposeful activity […]