Copyright tips for bloggers

Five easy rules for bloggers

To avoid being accused of stealing someone else’s content, follow these simple rules:

1. You may not use a work simply because it does not have a copyright notice
The mere absence of a copyright notice (which is not a requirement) does not mean that there is no protection. Published works automatically have copyright protection, whether expressed with a notice or not

2. You may not copy a work even if you are not making money from it
Making a copy of a DVD you own so that you can watch it while you are away on holiday is illegal. Even though you are not making any income, copying constitutes copyright infringement. Of course, the copyright owner will only be more inclined to take steps against you if they become aware of the fact that you are actually deriving income from the article or image that you have posted on your blog

3. Giving someone credit does not make it legal
There are certain exemptions in this regard. Generally, you may quote somebody as long as you give them credit, but you cannot quote an entire work, for example, nor can you post a sound or film clip on your blog

4. Including the creator’s copyright notice will not protect you
The rule is that to reproduce anything, you need to get permission from the owner of the work to do so

5. Don’t copy material just because you can’t find the copyright holder
Whether you are unable to identify the copyright holder, or that person does not reply to your request for permission, you are still infringing the law if you reproduce or even adapt (and render certain other acts referred to as “restricted acts”) in relation to material, or a substantial part thereof.



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