Debating Digital Scholarship

I’ve just finished my public debate with Martin Weller on Digital Scholarship. The motion was as follows: “This house believes that, in the next decade, digital scholarship (in open journals, blogs, and social media) will achieve the same status in academic settings as traditional scholarship.” Martin argued for the motion and I argued against it. […]

Making sense of search data (If you have an account and you’re trying to find this information, scroll down your profile page and click on ‘keywords’… took me a while to work that one out!) It’s kind of interesting to look back over the history of Google searches that led to my page.  It provides a history […]

Because you’re worth it: the New College of the Humanities

There’s been a lot of debate over the last week about a new private undergraduate college with the power to award degrees (conferred by the University of London) for two reasons.  The ‘New College of the Humanities‘ (NCH) is roughly based on the American liberal arts college model in terms of its method and syllabus […]

Badiou, Art, Philosophy

I recently attended Alain Badiou’s mini-course on The Relationship Between Art and Philosophy in the Philosophy Department at The University of Essex. I did something I wouldn’t normally do afterwards; making my notes publicly available.  They’re available on and I publicised this fact with Facebook and Twitter.  So far I’m getting 2-3 hits a […]