Metaphor and cultural ‘truth’

In the week that The Guardian reports that the UK is investing in a programme for cyber-defence, The Atlantic carries an article which says that US intelligence services are attempting to analyse the use of metaphor in order to uncover underlying beliefs or orientations among different cultural groups. IARPA (Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity) is […]

Transhumanist Technologies

Transhumanism is the idea that technology should be used to fundamentally alter the natural physical, cognitive and psychological limitations of human beings and human Being.  DVICE recently published a short list of technologies on the verge of being released that could contribute towards greater integration between the digital and natural worlds. 1. Social Media (extending […]

OER: Shared or Exchanged?

There’s an information page on OER at PBworks. I wasn’t sure about this, though: It could be argued that sharing implies an open model (sharing with all) and exchange a community based model which relies on mutual benefits within a specific community. The author (Lou McGill) stops short of saying that this is her own […]

Dispelling myths about OER

The JISC open educational resources programme is the largest scale OER initiative in the UK. It’s so big – and involves so many organisations – that the overall aims of the project may not be entirely clear.  Lorna Campbell’s post at CETIS attempts to address any misunderstandings about the project, but basically amounts a note […]

This Is Your Brain on Art

Why does Ramachandran continuously feel the need to reassure us that we can gain knowledge about art from neuroscience without losing anything? It seems to presuppose, at the very least, that the other option is a possibility, that looking for (and finding) elemental forces in the brain that govern aesthetic impulses could, in fact, transform […]

Taking the pixels: upscaling 8-bit graphics

I am unreasonably excited by the prospect of classic games being given upscaled and given a new lease of life. Check out the research paper for a breakdown of the complicated algorithms that make it happen.  I got lost a few pages in, but I’m wondering whether the same approach could be used to refine […]

Hello world!

I’m Rob Farrow and this is my blog.  I’m a researcher at the Institute of Educational Technology at The Open University.  This blog is a place where I track and comment on news and research, discuss technologies and their use in education, and share philosophical musings. There’s not much here at the moment, but do […]